Join Every Second Counts and FLY LDN for the ultimate celebration of

National Fitness Day

26th September 2018
18:30 - 20:30

PT Lawrence Price aka @fafitsake will be leading this hour-long workout in our immersive studio.


Tickets: £25


A class full of low impact tempo shifts - playing on time under tension principles and dropping into contrast set pulses...expect to feel the burn without the need to jump around in this different take on our usual Low Impact classes. 

The session will begin with mind-body connection techniques designed to improve performance and heighten the connection between ‘mind and muscle’. Then, once we have sweated together for the main workout we will unwind and bring the intensity back down to finish up with some light mental and physical tension release exercises.

As a reward for all that hard work, our faves Fitty Ldn will be giving you one of their goodie-filled boxes to fuel your sweat game !