+ Do you cater for all abilities?

Not only do we cater for all abilities, but we encourage all abilities to give it a go! Remember every expert was once a beginner. First timers will always be spoken to before the class starts and if there are any difficult moves in a class, our teacher will always give an alternative for those less advanced.

+ How hard are the TRX & Barre classes?

Like any fitness class, they're as hard as you choose to make them. We'll always encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone but we'll never ask you to do something you don't want to do. We're here to encourage and motivate you to work as hard as you can, but 'how hard' is entirely up to you.

+ I’m not very flexible, should I practice before I come?

Absolutely not. Our team know exactly how to deal with people that aren't very flexible, practice makes perfect and your flexibility will improve over time. If you're really concerned about your lack of flexibility, mention it to your teacher and they'll give you some alternative moves during the class.

+ How much will my first class cost?

First time customers can get their first 12 classes for £50. This is available for first time customers, for one class maximum per day Monday to Saturday. Expires 14 days from purchase. Please cancel more than 12 hours before your class to avoid an £8 no-show fee. Purchase here.

+ Do I need to bring anything with me?

Just comfortable Yoga or fitness wear. Here are some class-specific things to note:

  • Barre: Feel free to come to the class barefoot, but we also sell grippy barre socks in-studio.
  • Dynamic Pilates: Dress as you would for a regular yoga class, so no trainers needed.
  • Low Impact: Wear trainers for this class!

We sell water but you're welcome to bring your own and we'll supply you with complimentary towels and shower products.

+ Where are you located?

Our address is 24 Creechurch Lane, EC3A 5EH. The closest tube stations are Aldgate, Liverpool St and Aldgate East. Find us via Citymapper.

+ Do you supply water, or should I bring my own?

We sell Aquapax in studio. However, you're welcome to bring your own. We will happily refill your bottles at reception.

+ Can I attend FLY while pregnant?

While everyone's different we'd strongly recommend you seek medical advice before exercising while pregnant. However, generally speaking, yoga and Low Impact training are great for pregnant women!

+ What happens when I’m injured?

If you're injured and still want to come to class, come along but be sure to let your teacher know. They'll advise you on whether your particular injury will affect the class and advise on alternative moves you can do.

+ I have a disability, can I still train?

Why not! If you feel able enough we are all for it. Just be sure to let your teacher know beforehand and they'll advise on any alternative moves.

+ Do I need to eat before I come to FLY?

We'd advise it, but not too much! TRX after a full English wouldn't be very comfortable, but if coming in the morning before breakfast try and have a light snack. Training on an empty stomach can cause dizziness and you'll have more energy if you eat.

+ Do you offer a monthly membership?

We do! Head over to our Pricing page to see what we have on offer.

+ My entire office would love FLY! Do you offer corporate rates?

We offer special rates for groups of 10 or above. If you'd like to enquire about corporate rates, head over to our corporate page here.

+ I want to become a teacher at FLY! How do I apply?

We're always looking for fresh talent! Email us at careers@flyldn.co.uk with why you're the one and if successful, we'll get you in for an audition.

+ Can I bring a friend along with me?

Training with friends is always better! Refer your friends via your profile page to earn rewards. Click here to refer.

+ I’d like to get a charity involved, how do I go about doing this?

We love working with charities, contact us at shout@flyldn.co.uk with details and we'll let you know if there's any way we can help.