1. Switch it off!

Please leave your phone in your locker. In our classes, we require your undivided attention. While we're all guilty of #doingitforthegram, please take your pics after class!

2. Good vibe$ only

Leave your ego at the door. FLY is a place of like-minded yoga and fitness lovers coming together as a community, we don’t welcome inflated egos, show offs or cliques in our studio. Good vibes are gangster and we keep it gangster.

3. Honesty is our policy

Be sure to tell us about any injuries you have privately or at the beginning of the session. We’d hate for you to get even more injured and our team are well qualified to advise on how best to manage. Don’t be shy… we’ve heard it all.

4. No gassin’

Keep conversations to a minimum in the studio. Whispering voices can be distracting for other people. Remember, you’re here at FLY for you and no one else.

5. Don’t hate, hydrate!

It’s important to stay hydrated in our classes. You can pre-order when booking, pick some up from behind the front desk and you’re welcome to bring your own into the studio too.

6. This little piggy…

Please leave your shoes in your locker. yoga is best done barefoot, although you're welcome to wear socks if your piggies are shy.

7. Enjoy it & tell us how we did

Don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy it. Switch off and let us guide you through it. Remember, we’re always on the hunt for feedback so please be honest. Rate us on Google and email us with any thoughts / ideas: shout@flyldn.co.uk