Tired of being tired?

Vibe higher with our exclusive wellbeing offer:

Your first two weeks unlimited for free

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The City hustle is draining, we’ve experienced it first hand.

That’s why we’ve decided to make our studio available to you for free. For two weeks, you’ll have access to unlimited sessions. Try them all and reclaim your zen.


Yoga, barre, pilates
and our signature low impact training.


To FLY with us follow three easy steps:

  1. Click on “REDEEM THIS OFFER” and enter your details to create an account

  2. Enter the promo code LOOKINGFLY at checkout and click Apply

  3. Book a class and come to the studio!


All-around workout

Our yoga and fitness studio offers both immersive yoga and strength training classes, which complement each other for a strong, lean and healthy body.


A non-yogi yoga studio

Let go of preconceptions of yoga and prepare for a new experience: unique immersive visuals, accompanied by tailored playlists.


Strength training

Our well-equipped Barre and Low Impact Training studio offers the ideal early-morning, lunch time or evening class to boost your energy levels and tone up.