Our range of classes have been designed by the best talent in the Yoga business. We've taken Yoga back to the drawing board and cut the jargon while staying in line with tradition (most of the time).



Our Base Flow classes will take you through the basics of a Yoga flow. A class for beginners or people just returning to the mat. Join the bliss state revolution, you’ll wish you’d started earlier...


Escape the City with our immersive, mellow flow class set to an uplifting playlist. For beginners or anyone looking for a slow-paced, low intensity class.

FLOWLIFE 45, 60 & 75

Our signature Yoga flows (45mins, 60mins or 75mins) will take you through a dynamic flow designed to make you sweat, breathe deeper and focus your mind away from the City hustle.  Transform your Yoga practice and take it to the next level. Deepen familiar postures and challenge yourself to the modifications offered while in a safe environment. The perfect way to complement other cardio, sports or resistance training. Ideal for regular yoga practitioners with an established level of fitness.


CHILL is an indulgent, candle-lit, restorative yoga class which aims to work deeper into the muscles, joints, and fascia using breath control to achieve unbeatable relaxation.


At FLY we embrace the learning and development of our yoga teaching assistants. It's part of our culture to offer them the studio teaching experience needed to give them a flying start to their yoga career . We offer a weekly 45 minute slow flow class taught by one of the recent Yoga Teacher Training grads on our FLY team at the discounted rate of £5.  This class is open level, recommended more for beginner to intermediate practitioners. 


Set to immersive candlelit visuals and classic hip hop, this dynamic, high energy class is designed to make you sweat to a sick beat. A FLY twist on a traditional Vinyasa Flow that’s sure to get your heart going.



We've designed some Low Impact workouts to heighten the effects of our Yoga classes. We recommend a regular FLY'er to take at least one of these per week in addition to their Yoga routine.



Built around music, our barre classes draw on Pilates, Yoga and dance to build core strength and improve balance, posture and flexibility. We use bodyweight, light weights, balls and resistance bands for intensity, variety and progression.


Our dynamic mat pilates class improves flexibility, strength, posture and alignment. With a strong focus on form and core strength, we use body weight and props for a balanced full body workout.


A low impact strength and conditioning class combining weight and TRX suspension training, improving both strength and mobility. With only 6 people in a class, expect to sweat. Please wear trainers!